Sunday, July 19, 2009

Aussie File - Alannah Hill

Helllooooooooo babes! After a two, no, three (or has it been four, Oh I've lost count) weeks of long days at work - but fabulously attired, I assure you - I'm back!

Recently I have been dreaming of the waves and glorious sunshine of Brisbane again, which is rather silly considering that it is July now and everyone is taking every opportunity to strut around in their boots and leggings. You do not get much of a winter in Brisbane - I used to make do with dresses and leggings - but it sometimes gets chilly enough to forgive your wearing that fabulous coat.

Anyway, all this thinking of Brisbane and all things Aussie got me reminded of the times when I used to walk into an Alannah Hill store just to be inspired. And the hours spent at David Jones and Myers, touching the fabrics and admiring the beauty of clothes that were then too costly to even consider! Haha.

Picture from Zimbio

Here's Alannah Hill, Down Under champion of girly girl designer award. Sticking to strong feminine features that are more whimsical than innocent (or polite), Alannah Hill is what I will wear to my girls' weddings. Heavily accessorised, the Alannah Hill look will be incomplete without the elements appropriate for a burlesque show; feathers, pearls, red lips, smoky eyes, sequins and lace.

Picture from Vogue Australia

But do I see a future for Alannah Hill in Malaysia?

Perhaps not anytime soon. I can draw some similarities in local label Somerset Bay and perhaps even P&Co to a certain extent, but judging from the limited popularity of these two labels, maybe ultra femininity is not for our girls' taste. Maybe we are just very much self-conscious about immersing ourselves in such sartorial opulence.

Picture from JANETTERIA

I am a natural girly girl - my dresses could testify that - so it is no surprise that I am head over 'Hill' for Alannah Hill.

(Cheesy line, I know, but whatever.)

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  1. Never heard of this designer, thanks for informing. Very feminine and a little whimsical.