Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Item for Sale

With all the holiday shopping, it's that time of the year to clean the closet and purge items that I no longer use! I have decided to sell the Mansfield red satin clutch from the Fall 2007 Hollywould for Target collaboration. I bought this clutch thinking that it would be a nice pop of color and would work great for errands. Alas, this pretty clutch has yet to see daylight, so it's time for it to go to another home!

Hollywould for Target Mansfield Clutch in Red

I have listed the item for sale here and will have more items for sale soon!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Marc Jacobs: The Making of a Modern Classic

I have been meaning to post these videos from Neiman Marcus as a fan of Marc's work. I love behind-the-scenes video like these that gives one a glimpse of all the hard work and labor that goes into designing and creating a product. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Xmas 2011!

*dusts off the cobwebs*

It's been a while and by that I mean over a year since I blogged! Not that I haven't thought about it but life gets in the way and I got lazy. There, I said it! In any case, I am back (for now) since I have a thing or two to say or rather share. (I wonder if anyone still reads my blog. Heh.)

It's been over two years since I bought a bag, Marc Jacobs Christy in Navy being the last score. I have stayed away from the bag scene and been really good at paying off my student loans instead. However, I finally decided to put myself out of misery when the bag of my dreams, the one that I have been lusting for FOUR years popped up that I decided to pull the trigger, once and for all. I had just received my bonus at work and prices for Chanel have only continue to escalate despite the recession and economic doom and gloom, that I justified that I wouldn't be setting myself too far back on the student loans front and bit the bullet. And so, Merry Xmas 2011 to me!

Without further ado, here's the bag in all it's glory...

Chanel Reissue in Anniversary Gray 226

I definitely love this bag and hopefully I will have some modeling/outfit pic of it soon!

That aside, Santa was very kind to bring me the Michael Kors Mini Runway watch in gold that I have been staring at endlessly in stores and online. I now finally have a watch to match my gold-tone accessories! *grins*

Michael Kors Mini Runway in Gold MK5384

That aside, I could never resist stopping by at ZARA and I did yesterday on their second day of sale and scored two pairs of ballet flats.

Lace Ballet Flats $59.90

Snakeskin Ballet Flats $29.90 (in blue)

As much as I love the lace ballet flats, classy, demure, and feminine, I need to ponder on the price since I just splurged on my Chanel. As for the snakeskin pair, I love the shade of blue and it looks to be a keeper!

Merry Xmas to everyone! I hope Santa was good to you, too!