Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rain Boots/Snow Boots

I have been holding back from purchasing a pair of rain boots for the longest time, EVER (since arriving here in 2007, really). I just couldn't quite justify the need for a pair although it rains quite a fair bit here in DC. I'd always be fine but today, once and for all, I believe I need to own a pair of rain boots.

Why? Because I came into work with puddles in my ballet flats! Just a short walk from the Metro to work (a 10 min walk) was all it took to convince me that I need to just dig in, do the whole cost per wear thing, and just buy a pair! Of course, I was just looking at rain boots last week and was pondering about it. My snow boots are dead (sole no longer has much grip, if at all) and a good solid pair of rain boots should be able to work as snow boots.

I went to Bloomingdales in the mall on Friday and tried on these two pair of Hunter rain boots. The regular in Graphite ($115) and the Croc Boa version ($225).

Regular Hunter Rain Boots ($115) & Croc Boa Hunter Rain Boots ($225)

I have a soft spot for exotics and even though these were only croc-embossed, I liked them but just couldn't quite justify spending that much upfront for a pair of rain/snow boots. My sister of course, being the devil that she is (not to mention a shoe-holic) proceeds to lecture me on cost per wear. Well, that is not new to me but somehow I just have a hard time paying that much upfront. I know, it is a mental hurdle!

In any case, the next day I receive an email from one of the high-end departmental stores on the new items from Burberry and since I had previously lusted after a pair of rain boots from them, I decided to take a peek. Ha, bad idea! I fell for their new rain boots.

Burberry Riding Rain Boots ($275)

Would you blame me, though? I have always had an affinity for equestrian boots and this pair just tug at my heart strings upon first sight. Also, the loop on the top is just so stylish yet it can be a classic. Yes, I am a classic girl at heart through and through. Heh.

So, what do I do? The cogs and wheels starts spinning in my head, plotting on how best to purchase a pair of high-end rain/snow boots for the least amount of money. Saks was naturally my first choice as I have a Mastercard with them which equates free shipping and there isn't a store in DC which means I should be able to get it tax-free. Also, I have some points accumulated from my other credit card which I could easily convert to a gift certificate to Saks to help offset the retail price.

Next, I went to the Saks website and oh, bother. I find another pair of rain boots from Givenchy that tugs at my heart strings. Bah! It is very similar to the pair of Burberry above.

Givenchy Tall Rain Boots ($250)

It has the same equestrian look similar to the pair of Burberry with the exception that the loop is right at the ankle, giving it a more classic look as compared to the pair of Burberry. However, the Burberry is made from washed leather while the Givenchy is made from rubber and there's only a $25 price difference between them. Hmm..

I think it is time to order both pairs and try them and perhaps decide from there. What do you think? Which pair do you favor? Input much appreciated!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Clogs as the "in-trend"

I love Natalie Dee!

Caption: Keep your effin clogs

taken from here

Seriously though, why the heck are clogs back in fashion? They never were so, please just go away! Pfft!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hermes Bracelets in Leather

Well, thanks to my sis' prodding yesterday, I went to Hermes to check out their bracelets. Today I had fun play pretend as a snob who can afford luxury goods at retail prices. My first stop was at Cartier to try the Trinity ring for my size followed by Chanel in Neiman Marcus. As I predicted, nothing called to me in Chanel. It was dismal and off I went to Hermes under the same roof.

I had the sales associate who was super patient bring out 3 leather bracelets for me to try. She was on the phone and the only sales associate in the store and there was a mad crowd in the store! She was fantastic and if I could afford luxury goods at retail prices from Hermes, I would totally purchase from her. Two thumbs up for her customer service!

The leather bracelets I tried on are as follows:

Rush bracelet

Rivale bracelet

I actually also tried on the Kelly Dog bracelet which fit perfectly on my tiny wrist but I can't find proper stock pictures of it like the other two above. Utilize the power of Google if you are curious! Heh.

Of the three that I tried on, I like the Rush and Rivale bracelets. Upon returning home from my adventure, I tried to find other Hermes bracelets and I think I really like the Kelly Double Tour.

Kelly Double Tour bracelet

I think I just found another item to add to my list of classics. What, you ask? Well, none other than the Hermes Kelly Double tour bracelet, my dear. *wink* It will be in orange or oak brown (as pictured in the Rush above) with palladium/silver hardware. Heh.

p/s: I have yet to hear back from my bro (I emailed him pics of the Longines watch and Cartier ring) if the items I picked is breaking his bank. If they are, an Hermes bracelet it is!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Birthday Gift Request

My brother called me at work today to wish me a belated birthday and told me to pick a birthday gift from Paris as him and my sis in-law will be spending a day in Paris before he departs back to Kiasu Island. He has been in south of France for training for the past 5 weeks.

I asked what his budget was and his response was, "don't break the bank!" Ha, that's a subjective answer, in my opinion. In any case, I have been wanting a classic watch for a while now and have also been pining for the Cartier trinity ring to add my list of classic items. While these two items have not been a main priority, they are must-haves on my list.

Cartier Trinity ring

So, what do I do? I looked up the prices of the items (my brother suggested that I look for them online and that he will call me tomorrow to get my response) and lo and behold, the watch that I want is only a $25 price difference from the Cartier trinity ring! Well, at least in the U.S. that is. I have always liked the Cartier Tank watch but the price in my opinion would be breaking the bank, so I am 'settling' for the alternative, the Longines instead which I actually like better anyways. Heh.

Besides, I went from 6 watches down to 2 at the moment. The rest have died on me and by that I mean having to retire them as no batteries can give them a fresh life anymore. Boo! Oh well, they have served me well over the years.

Longines Dolce Vita for ladies

Mind you, my brother rarely buys me gifts so, when he is offering, I am definitely jumping at the opportunity! While some of you may wonder why not a Chanel or Hermes/insert-French-brand-what-have-you, I have no inkling for anything else other than these two big-ticket items, really. Okay, fine I might be lying if I say I am not lemming after another Chanel but the fact of the matter is that I am not pining for anything from the current season. The only Chanel handbags I'd like to own are from past seasons while I am not in love with any of their costume jewelry for this season.

Granted, yes the Chanel pearls are lovely, they are in my opinion ridiculously overpriced and it is costume jewelry! I would much rather have Mikimoto or some real pearls instead for the retail price of a Chanel faux pearl necklace. Besides, I already have the CC logo faux pearl pin/brooch that I bought for myself from London last year.

Enough rambling for I may go on and on. Let's see what my brother ends up getting for me. Perhaps both? Ha, wishful thinking!

p/s: My ever generous sister gave me cash to spend on shoes (because she is a big shoe-gal) for my birthday and perhaps one of these days I will get around to taking pics of it. Ha!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Golden Year Birthday Outfit!

I had a lovely birthday as it was filled with lovely company of friends and lots of food. Heh. I was definitely well-fed and felt very loved.

Picnic spread courtesy of two lovely friends, T & S

Yummylicious double chocolate cake, a treat from a gf.

Definitely lovin' every bit of turning to my golden age!

Here's my birthday outfit to celebrate:

Top: H&M
Skirt: H&M previously posted here and here
Shoes: Saks Fifth Avenue (from the outlets)
Bag: Marc Jacobs Little Stam in Ivory
Bracelet: Long faux pearl necklace
Watch: Swatch

I ended my birthday with a BIG BANG, literally. I tripped on the stairs and hit my head on the window sill coupled with scrapes on my knees and elbow and bruises. Priceless! It's definitely going to be a bangin' year!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lemming for ...

I have been really good on my self-imposed shopping ban. I have not bought a single fashion item since March 20 (I just checked my credit card statements)! I have been spending on birthdays for my friends as I do not celebrate Xmas and am thus more generous with birthdays.

Granted, I did splurged and bought a brand a spankin' brand new phone the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, an upgrade in mid-April.

pics taken from here

I had previously been using my regular candy bar Sony Ericsson since August 2007. The phone still works just fine but I just wanted a new phone. The inner geek in me just had to have it! Heh.

Temptations continue to abound and here is one, the Marc by Marc Jacobs Flash Kelsey bag in black

pic taken from here

My current messenger/sling bag isn't in such a good shape thanks to color transfer from my jeans. It was an 2005 Xmas gift from my beloved twin cousin and I am thinking an upgrade is in order? From fabric to leather and of course from Esprit to Marc by Marc! Hee.

I definitely like the Flash Kelsey for the dual function of being a cross-body bag and a hobo just by adjusting or rather looping up the strap. The zippers also give an edgy vibe to this casual bag which I absolutely adore. The retail price of $358 however leaves me dreaming for one as the scrooge in me just will not allow me to purchase this bag full price. Maybe a 25% discount or more will have me pulling the trigger on this baby. Until then, it shall remain as a lemming.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Remember Now by Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld's New Film, Remember Now Screening in St. Tropez

Karl Lagerfeld’s new film Remember Now was screen at the launch of the Chanel 2011 Cruise collection in St.Tropez.

The 17 minute film, conceived, written and directed by fashion’s king Karl Lagerfeld depicts the oh-so-glamourous life of French Riviera hot spot St.Tropez and the fabulous lives of the people who inhabit it.

Shown at the launch of Chanel’s highly sought after 2011 cruise collection, we're convinced that this has to be the best looking film EVER made. The film features a ridiculously impressive array of Karl’s Chanel supermodel clan including Elisa Sednaoui, Baptiste Giabiconi, Freja Beha Erichsen, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Heidi Mount and Leigh Lezark.

Filled with the world’s most beautiful people, the short film is a heady mix of dancing, partying, high fashion and intrigue. Not to mention another string to KL’s monochrome bow.

*article taken from here*

Definitely love the clothes! Leigh Lezark also looks good playing Coco Chanel!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Celine F/W 2010

Phoebe Philo can do no wrong. The clean, sleek lines and navy as the new camel? Totally diggin' it. (I have been adding Navy to my wardrobe prior to this, so I am timely? Heh.)

I had previously posted that I like the white blouse featured in this collection, as a random inspiration here. Thank you Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil blog for posting the link on his twitter!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

If Shoes Could Kill...

Ha, I wonder who even bothers visiting this page anymore (if ever!) but a friend sent me a link to this website and some of these shoes are just WOW. Yeah, like I'm rendered speechless. Check it out for yourself...

The iron stiletto for the lady of Iron Man, anyone?

This just reminds me of step ladders and the legs of ironing boards!

Oh, hey! The new take on minimalism?

Chains, anyone? You know, they go well with the whole punk rock chic and studs look that is so on trend now.

Last but not least, umbrellas to protect your dainty stilettos, sandals, pumps, what-have-you when the sky opens up and pours. No need for rain boots and wellies, no more! Ha!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Coca Cola Light with Coco Rocha by the man behind Coco Chanel

Coco Rocha is featured in the ad campaign for Coca Cola Light, shot by none other than Karl Lagerfeld, the man currently behind the Coco Chanel's label.

Shot from the ad campaign

The box set of Coca Cola Light by Karl Lagerfeld

The boxed set is currently on sale at colette. Luxury cola, anyone?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Random Inspirations

I am having some downtime right now from work while traveling so I thought I'd post some pics that have been of inspiration.

The frayed blazer adds a touch of character while the mismatching gray gives a touch of depth. The looping of the belt is definitely fashion forward (I have been wearing my belts looped in similar fashion for a while now) while the I definitely applaud Francesco Cominelli for carrying the rugged vintage worn-look of the leather pouch, which in my opinion completes the whole outfit.

There's just something about this candid shot that captures my attention. Perhaps its the tousled hair blown by the wind or the orange arms of his spectacles that compliments his blue outfit paired with a red scarf. A nicely coordinated outfit in cool tones matched with accessories in warm tones.

The clean sleek lines of this white blouse with ties is, in my opinion the epitome of class and feminine style. A classic which I can easily see in my own wardrobe.

Oh, just look at those gams! They're inspirational to get myself to work out to show off my own gams now that the weather is warming up and the hemlines should be shorter for Spring/Summer! Heh. Time to bust out those skirts and shorts.

Casual chic at its best peppered with androgyny. I love the striped dress, the major piece for the outfit, in my opinion. I also like how she pairs the dress with white oxfords to contrast the navy dress and it matches the white stripes on the dress. Paired with a navy blazer to complete the look and of course a Marc Jacobs handbag for accessory! (I think I am swayed by navy this Spring!)