Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pouf! Lacroix Files for Bankruptcy

Add muse to the list of occupations that are not recession proof. If anyone stands to profit from the latest ’80s revival in fashion, it does not appear that it will be Christian Lacroix. Even as his signature pouf silhouette made a particularly high-profile return engagement in Marc Jacobs’s collection for Louis Vuitton — and not to mention on the back of the ultimate ’80s material girl at the Met Ball — according to Suzy Menkes’s report in today’s IHT, Lacroix has filed for the French equivalent of chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

*article taken from NY Times*

Yes, another fashion house files for bankruptcy. Just not too long ago it was Lambertson Truex, the fabulous duo which are famous for their handbags. They have now been bought by Tiffany & Co. Wonder if anyone and if yes who will buy Christian Lacroix? Hmm...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Making of a Classic Chanel

I came across the pictures and the story sometime back on a handbag forum. Thought it would be nice to post them here. All of the pictures were taken from Vogue Espana while the story is from

Over 30 new models are produced each year, forming part of the House’s seven annual collections. 6 to 15 people are working for up to 18 hours (depending on the material) on one Chanel "2.55". While in the past, up to 80% of all bags produced were black, they represent only 50% of the diverse range proposed today.

We use a different shade of beige practically every time,” explains the responsible manager, “so things never get boring. Before any bag goes into production, the site’s development facility first finalises the details of the designs sent by Karl Lagerfeld’s studio.

Working from sketches, a range of hand-made mock-ups are produced before selecting a final prototype and deciding on its exact proportions and stitching details. This whole development stage is shrouded in mystery and usually takes around a week to complete. Then out of the 200 to 300 prototypes produced for each collection, the studio selects around 30.

The site’s archives hold nearly 3,000 different bags; together they map out CHANEL’s history. Lined up like trophies, these different models serve to inspire the design teams of today, as well as helping them to resolve any problems they might be having with the ideal shape of a handle or detail on a strap. Once the bag has been approved for production, a team of leather craftsmen, engineers and cutters will work on more than 10 different models every week to meet the demand from boutiques.

However, before the bag can be assembled, the leather must first be prepared. It is cut from the skin either by hand, using a punch, or by computer, and is then machine-stitched, trimmed and finished. This is an extremely precise process, with all dimensions measured to within a fraction of a millimetre.

80% of the total production time is spent on the assembly table, where CHANEL’s master craftsmen use their expertise to produce an item of unmistakeable luxury. After the material has been prepared, the bag is given its structure by inserting heat-sealed leather-finished supports. Each bag is then turned inside out and back again, in keeping with Mademoiselle Chanel’s firm belief in the importance of hidden luxury: the inside should be as good as the outside. As a result, the same amount of care still goes into the lining of each bag as goes into its exterior.

The bags are then quilted using machines specially developed by Chanel’s engineers, and this stage, though technical, is often one of the most creative in the design process, as can be seen on the series of models inspired by the stained-glass windows of the abbey at Aubazine, where Coco Chanel grew up.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Victoria's secret

Admit it, you either love her or loathe her. Victoria Beckham, one of the most photographed woman has come a long way. She definitely has had some hits or misses but I think her style is becoming more refined these days which suits her image. She made headlines when she had her long hair chopped off into a bob so much so that the particular hairstyle was actually nicknamed a "pob," taken from her Spice Girl nickname of Posh Spice. Soon after, the bob or "pob" definitely became a popular hairstyle!

When she was first spotted with her pixie cut hairstyle after being bored with her "pob," she cleverly picked no better moment than to showcase it during the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 09 fashion show in New York. She definitely suprised everyone with her new do upstaging the presence of Jennifer Lopez at the event. Talk about attention grabbing!

Anyway, she recently (okay, not so recent in the fashion timeline) graced the January cover of Harper's Bazaar along with an interview and snazzy editorial shots. I only just realized this when I saw the magazine at a nail salon yesterday (forgive me, I have been extremely out of touch since I was in Uganda!) To read the interview, click here.

The editorial shots from Harper's Bazaar...
Cover shot for January 2009 Harper's Bazaar

Both her and her husband are also currently gracing the Spring 09 underwear ads for Emporio Armani and are reported to be pocketing a whooping £32 million for the ad campaign.

Granted, she has breast implants but she has also given birth to 3 sons! I can only be hopeful that I will look as good as she does when I am 34. Ah, such is life of a mere commoner...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kate Moss for TOPSHOP.

Kate Moss has done it again.
Images are from Hello Magazine.

This chick may not be my favourite superM, but for some reasons I get all excited everytime TOPSHOP announces a new Kate Moss collection. No doubt some of the designs might be a little risque for us mere mortals, but most are actually pretty, wearable things that give you a little bit of the wild-child, disco-queen glam.

I may not be head over heels with the over-the-top macrame waistcoat that she has got as part of the Kate Moss TOPSHOP High Summer Collection '09, but I do want to get my hands on the 50s-inspired halter neck frock. It won me hands down! In fact, I think the frocks have always been the most stunning pieces in her every collection.

Looking forward to seeing the actual dress in KL soon!

Image from BitchBuzz

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shopping haul from London

Since I had to transit in London on my way back from Uganda, I decided to make a short trip out of it. I stayed for 6 days in London and some of the goodies I found include a skirt and scarf from Retro Clothing in Notting Hill, a vintage clothing store. That aside, I found a Red Ribbon pin which I have been wanting to buy (but was too stingy to pay postage for) in a charity shop, Trinity in Notting Hill as well. Additionally, I bought a peacock top from H&M and two boatneck long sleeve tops from ZARA and a crewneck short sleeve top (but I'm not posting any pics because they're just basics!)

I had initially planned on picking up my first Chanel bag (I mean wallet!), from this trip since the pound is still relatively weak but unfortunately they have long sold out on the item that I wanted to purchase so I bought the logo pearl pin instead which I posted earlier.

My loot from London...

H&M peacock top £ 8

Close up of the peacock

White beaded skirt £ 10

Close up of the beads

Another close up shot of the details

Scarf £ 5

Close up of the colors and texture of the scarf

Red ribbon AIDS awareness pin

I have been wanting to purchase a red ribbon pin since I first saw one of my professors with one decked on his blazer. He wears it on his jacket/blazer/coat every day and I soon realized that I had to have one! Well, its only fitting since I am passionate about HIV/AIDS and as a public health professional who has a passion for fashion as well, what more than to make a fashionable statement? I have been wearing the pin on the lapel of my denim jacket as part of my outfit for the past couple of days. Love it!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Shopping haul from Uganda

So I just returned back to "civilization" bout 2 weeks ago. I had been living and working in Uganda for 16 weeks for a fellowship. I was really good with curbing my shopping temptations 99% of the time until it came time to leave. Yes, time to buy souvenirs and guess what? I think I ended up spending more money on myself than on getting souvenirs. Hah! Anyway, enough ramble. Let the pics do the talking!

Jungle-themed earrings and ring

Bone earrings in the shape of giraffes

Bone earrings in the shape of tusks


Two black necklaces - one glass beaded and the other beaded

Close up of the glass beads

Close up of the beads which looks just like black raspberries!

Red earrings with a heart lucky charm given to me by Miss A.

Close up on the red earrings

Red stone jewelry set

Red stone earrings

Close up of the red stones

White beaded sandals

Close up on the white beads

Gifts from Uganda

Some of the farewell gifts that I received from friends/co-workers in Uganda:

Colorful long stone and beaded necklace

Close up of the color stones

Blue beaded sandals (I'm trying to break in to these sandals! They hurt!)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Last week's outfits

Casual outfit for running around campus and getting some errands done.

H&M short sleeve top
ZARA cardigan
Esprit jeans
Scarf was a birhtday gift
Casio leather watch

Outfit for an indoor party on a Saturday night

Banana Republic dress (not mine! I had to borrow Miss A's dress coz she misplaced my suitcase of clothes!)
Glass beaded necklace from Uganda
Gold link chain as belt from Goodwill
Marc Jacobs Little Stam in Milk
ZARA gold heels