Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kate Moss for TOPSHOP.

Kate Moss has done it again.
Images are from Hello Magazine.

This chick may not be my favourite superM, but for some reasons I get all excited everytime TOPSHOP announces a new Kate Moss collection. No doubt some of the designs might be a little risque for us mere mortals, but most are actually pretty, wearable things that give you a little bit of the wild-child, disco-queen glam.

I may not be head over heels with the over-the-top macrame waistcoat that she has got as part of the Kate Moss TOPSHOP High Summer Collection '09, but I do want to get my hands on the 50s-inspired halter neck frock. It won me hands down! In fact, I think the frocks have always been the most stunning pieces in her every collection.

Looking forward to seeing the actual dress in KL soon!

Image from BitchBuzz

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